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We make out of this world VR!

We are an independent studio located in Melbourne, Australia, creating virtual reality content for games, business solutions and industry technology. Whether you want to create a training space for your staff or innovate new and exciting ways to show customers your brand's potential, we can provide a tailored virtual experience to meet your needs.

Currently working on our debut VR title, “Paperville Panic!” slated for release in December this year.

The Paperville Panic logo. Individual paper cutouts make up the lettering with a milk carton man on fire standing to the side
A bird sitting on a balcony
A paper man with sunglasses walking towards the camera
A squirrel being held over a shredder
A paper town lit up by night
An angry paper man eating with his children
A view of the town hall with a hill in the background
A surprise paper person in the bath
A scared paper person about to be run over by a car
A squirrel driving a van about to crash into a lunch party
An annoyed paper person getting sprayed in the face with a water pistol

About Us

Founded in 2017, Ultimerse is the brainchild of a group of dreamers wanting to utilise all the potential of virtual reality to support businesses and individuals.

Ultimerse provides some incredible minds a space to create and innovate content. Our talented team can create a world for your clients and consumers to thrive in, whether it’s for education, training, or just plain fun.

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