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December 14th 2017

HTC Vive
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USD - Early Access$19.99


Paperville Panic is an action-adventure VR exploration game. A completely unprepared town made entirely of paper is hit by its first ever fire, and it’s up to you to save it. Guided by a less-than-stellar fire department, Rookie (that’s you!) must help restore Paperville to it’s former papery glory. From clearing building fires, rescuing citizens from rubble, hacking through doors, to dealing with townsfolk and their personal issues, Rookie does it all. Paperville is proof that anyone has what it takes to be a hero, as long as safety and saving lives aren’t priorities. A tongue-in-cheek look into the world of firefighting, in a town filled with strange critters, a curious Mayor, odd personalities, and secrets to uncover. Built in Unity, the game is launching on Steam in Early Access, with additional content including further missions being added until the game's full release next year. Only you can be the one to save Paperville. Well, someone else probably could, but you’re all they’ve got.


Everyone wants to be a hero. When we started to concept out the game, we went back to our childhood and to the professions we looked up to - astronauts, police officers, doctors… there were several games we could recall for each until we landed on firefighter. Suddenly, someone suggested “what if the world was made of paper?” and we knew we were onto our concept. What does the world look like? It’s people? What do they build their houses with? What do they have to worry about? ...What if they’d never seen a fire before? Suddenly, Rookie was born - the first person to step into the world of Paperville and it’s people (paple!) and be part of the otherwise useless fire department - after all, in a world made of paper, how often would there be a fire?


  • Explore the living, breathing HubWorld and get to know the town of Paperville.
  • With a world made entirely of paper, save the townspeople from danger - and themselves.
  • Atmospheric music helps set the scene as you traverse dark apartments filled with fire.
  • Shoot, smash, pull, dodge, deduce, dodge and lift your way through missions to find the solution and save the day.
  • No one is competent. No one is ready. Are you?


Paperville Panic: Sneak Peek Trailer YouTube

Gameplay Video - PAX AUS YouTube

PAX 2017 - A Celebration Of Indie YouTube


download all screenshots & photos as .zip (6MB)
Beach + Pier Hubworld Alpha.png
Concept Art.png
Depot Concept.png
Hot Air Balloon View Alpha - Paperville Panic.png
Hubworld Overvie.png
Paperville Buildings - Alpha.png
Paperville Hub World Path - Alpha.png
screenshot saturday.png
Shower Man Alpha  - Paperville Panic.png
Town Hall Conceept.png

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Selected Articles

  • "Paperville Panic is a good example of a simple concept done well on VR."
    - Claire Reilly, CNet
  • "This adorably cute and super fun VR game was the best indie game I played in all of PAX. This game really does make me want to go out and buy a Vive. Paperville Panic had me wanting more and is my pick of the indies for this year."
    - Derek Maggs, goto.game
  • "One of the most anticipated VR games out there."
    - Nathie, YouTube

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Paperville Panic! Credits

Anthony Scoleri

Russell Williams

Peter Cerni
Creative Director

Julian Skruzny
Studio Manager

Meredith Hall

Lucy Mutimer
Concept Artist/Graphic Designer

Aidan McKeown
Lead Developer

Thomas Safarewicz

Justine DiNatale
3D Artist

Angie DiNatale
3D Artist

David Fleming
Technical Artist

Callum Harrington

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